Legendary Destinations brings you luxury family Passover retreats in beautiful Caribbean settings with gourmet food, activities, entertainment, and more. We know you want nothing but the best for your next Passover getaway. That’s why we carefully selected a resort and crafted a program to suit your needs and ensure that your time with us is:

meaningful, spiritual, relaxing, fun, nourishing, and LEGENDARY.


Our founders are all experts in food, Passover, and luxury travel, so we know how to plan, execute, and deliver the ultimate Passover family getaway for people of all ages. It is our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Your Hosts

David comes from a family with nearly a century of epicurean experience. His passion and dedication is deep rooted and a foundation for his identity as a chef. He was born in Minsk, with a Matzoh factory in his backyard. His great grandfather was a well-known Matzoh baker, exposing David at an early age to the sights and scents from what was cooking. David's great grandfather started the Matzoh factory in 1920 and the family risked their lives in order to bake Matzoh for the Jewish people. David's great grandfather ultimately survived the Holocaust. It couldn't be more symbolic that today, David is running his own Passover program, following in his family's distinguished footsteps. 


David owns LOX New York City, the cafe nestled in the Jewish Museum on Fifth Avenue in New York City’s prestigious Upper East Side. His sense of high-end style and elevated flavors make him a distinct and attractive option for Glatt kosher catering. He is able to create sophisticated dishes that bring kosher food to whole new level. His cuisine is a unique marriage of familiar old world tastes and traditional favorites with modern twists and accents, the perfect dining combination of the old and the new.


David’s global background influences his cooking style and provides inspiration for his food. In order to reach the United States, on his journey to New York, David and his family lived in Vienna and then Italy, where his taste buds were introduced to clean and interesting new flavors. He received professional Japanese culinary training, and he says that in Japanese cooking you can never stop learning — he believes it takes a lifetime to master the art of Japanese cooking. David’s favorite ingredients are the freshest fish possible, and local fruits and vegetables.

David Teyf


Masha has more than 25 years of experience in the travel industry, with the past 13 years concentrating solely on luxury travel for high net worth clients. She has a proven track record for planning and executing successful group trips with special attention to every last detail, ensuring a fantastic experience for even the most indulgent traveler. She is also a seasoned event planner and manages all aspects of event orchestration including restaurant reservations, hiring of wait staff and butlers, designing flower arrangements, arranging decor, selecting wines, and much more.


Her travel journey began when she was just a young girl. At nine years old she immigrated with her mother to the United States from the former Soviet Union. Her mother had only one hundred thirty-six dollars in her pocket and did not speak any English, but made the journey to give Masha a better life. Masha continues to be inspired by her mother’s bravery to this very day. After she came to the United States, she attended Yeshiva where she learned more about her heritage, giving her a strong foundation for her Jewish identity. 


Masha herself has traveled extensively and stayed at some of the world’s most fascinating hotels and resorts, including the favorites of the rich and famous. In addition to travel, she is passionate about cooking and entertaining for friends and loved ones.

Masha Balenzano

President / Director of Events 

Elan Kornblum, also known as "The Restaurant Guy" is the Publisher and President of Great Kosher Restaurants International, the award-winning, full-color worldwide publication and its accompanying website.  


Elan has covered the kosher restaurant industry for the last 10 years and is the leading authority when it comes to kosher restaurants. He has visited over 500 restaurants and has been a guest at close to a dozen Pesach programs.  


His dual perspective of being an insider in the industry and a veteran Pesach program customer gives us a great sounding board for advice, tips and how to make our program the best in the business. Besides securing top talent like Nachum Segal, Elan will also be giving lectures and will be available throughout Pesach to schmooze and talk about kosher restaurants throughout the world.

Elan Kornblum

Consultant & Director of Marketing

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